Why iRunFit

“I trained with Travis for my first long distance race. It was the Air force half marathon in Washington D.C., in which he was an ambassador. I exercise regularly, but I never challenged myself, and that is what Travis did. He not only motivated me to run, but he also challenged me to run farther and faster, without compromising my body and avoiding injuries. He was very attentive, particularly if I had any questions regarding my training and running with him was never boring. Thanks to Travis I can call myself a runner.” – Cristhian Soto-Arevalo

“No doubt about it: Travis has made me a better, more efficient, faster runner. He has given me excellent advice from proper foot striking to what to eat before and during a race and how to stretch afterwards. Running with Travis is a pleasure. Even though, by half way through the route, I can no longer carry on a conversation, he keeps up the advice and encouragement so that I maintain and even improve my pace. He makes me believe  — know — I can get through any race. Want to take your running to the next level? Train with Travis!” – Katie Brown

“Travis, for many years my personal trainer, Tyler, has been encouraging me to start running. Every time he would suggest it I would have some excuse. “I’m too old”, “Running is not for me”, and “I can’t run”. Last April, I ran out of excuses and decided to join the VIDA Fitness run club. I recall the first Sunday morning in April. You arrived and greeted everyone individually, offering words of advice and encouragement to all. You informed me that I could in fact run and that you would be there to ensure my success. That run was the first of many and I’m happy to say that under your guidance I completed my first 5K and 10 miler within the first 6 months of training. I hope to achieve my first half marathon later this year. Thank you for all your encouragement, advice and support. You Rock!” – Kasi Patterson

“I know deciding to show up for a run club can be intimidating- Will I be the slowest?  Will the other runners like me? Are my neon shoes too pink? If Travis is in charge there is no reason to worry. Yes, he is a talented (and speedy) runner with a ton of knowledge and training experiences to share- but- first and foremost he is exceptionally kind. I love running with him on Sunday mornings. He cares if I show up and he will check in with me if I don’t. When I run with him, I love that he always asks me about my training and if I have races on the horizon. Though faster than me, I can count on Travis to run at least part of the run alongside me to push me to my best and, if necessary, he’ll double back to make sure I have someone with me so I finish the run strong. He makes me feel like we’re part of the same team. His attitude and dedication to running and to other runners makes it easier to get out of bed early in the morning and to get moving- you don’t want to disappoint a guy as sweet and as committed as Travis Smith.” – Monica Schneider

“Travis is a constant motivator. He doesn’t push you to attempt the impossible, but does press you to hit just beyond your comfort zone (a good thing!). He understands the demands of people with limited time and works to help me improve in whatever time is available. I look forward to each run and know that I get a little better each mile run with Travis. Watchwords for Travis include: Patient, Kind, Positive, Enduring.” – Josh Bornstein



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