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PureRyde Spin

It’s one of the most popular fitness trends happening today, Spin! With classes ranging from high-intensity to low-intensity, to bikes that moving back and forth, to people jumping up and down, and a combination of Spin and Pilates there is a Spin class for everyone… well, most everyone. As a fitness enthusiast, Personal Trainer, and Running Coach I’m always looking for new ways to get individuals into working out or expand their fitness routines through trying new fitness trends, classes, and workout. PureRyde

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to join a PureRyde spin class in Bethesda, MD. PureRyde is where luxury and innovative equipment meets an upbeat instructor that provides a unique, high energy, total body workout. These studio’s operate both Spin and Pilates Reformer class options to participants along with locker-rooms, gear shops, and towels for before and after workouts. With multiple studio’s in the U.S. along with multiple class pricing option including single class pass, multiple class passes, and monthly class passes these boutique studio’s have the flexibility for anyone who is looking to get a hard workout in while having a good time.


I’ve taken a lot of Spin classes over the year’s, including classes at local gyms, SoulCycle, Zango, RideDC, and many more and I will have to say the PureRyde bikes are one of the most challenging do to using RealRider bikes. If you aren’t familiar with RealRider bikes, these are bikes that move side-to-side and include light weights for some arm workouts. Do to this, these bikes move back and forth super easily and require participants to really engage their core to help control the movement and focus on spinning. With classes lasting 50-minutes participants get a wide range of moves including jumps, seated climbs, rocking (moving the bike back and forth), sprints, stability rides, and the use of light weights to help work the core while keeping a high-intensity workout.

Since this was my first time on a RealRider bike I will say it was very challenging trying to keep the bike stable while using my core. By no means was this a turnoff, it actually motivated me to focus more on my core, keeping the bike still and not just bouncing around while spinning. It engaged my core in ways that I’ve never had it engaged, in ways that made me really feel like I was getting a workout and not just spinning, plus there were some pretty good jams happening and wet mint towels after the class. This 50-minute class rocked my world, taught me something new about spinning, and showed me that spin isn’t just about how far or fast you can go, but how much fun you can have while engaging your whole body, moving side-to-side, and sweating like crazy.

Overall I would highly suggest this style of Spin Class to individuals looking to expand their fitness workouts and try something new. Not only are you working your legs but also engaging your core for a full body workout that will make you want to come back, try it for yourself.  🙂 To learn more or to register for a class visit,

PureRyde Spin

Third Times A Charm!

Another year another race. This year I started my half marathon session with the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon in Washington, DC. As a new runner to half marathons this was my third half in my running journey and I couldn’t be anymore excited and happy about starting 2015 with this Washington, DC race. Melissa_iRunFit

Going into the race I didn’t feel as prepared as I had times before, only running up to 10 miles during my training session but still staying dedicated to running 4-5 times a week to maintain my running base. Due to time, travel, and many other issues I wasn’t able to do my research on the course, elevation, and water stops. Previously I was able to take the time to review the course, learn where the elevation areas were along the course, and prepare my body for certain water stops. Even with these little setbacks and unclear route information I kept a positive outlook on the run and stayed excited about running in Washington, DC and not trying to set a PR (Personal Record).

Race morning wasn’t the best with colder weather and rain, something I had not trained in once again due to living in NC. Due to the weather I wore a few extra layers to stay dry and warm along with starting at a pace that was comfortable while focusing on my music, yes I listen to music and love every second of every song. While staying focused and determined I was able to continue my pace along the first 6 miles and reminding myself that whatever goes up must come down at some point. If you aren’t aware, mile 6 of the Rock ‘n’ Roll course has a huge hill and when I say huge, I mean people stopping to walk but not me! I stayed focused and knew this was the only major hill in the race and that no matter what I could complete it, even if I had to slow down a little. With the great bands, crowd support, and cheerleaders I was able to conquer the big hill and continue at my starting pace realizing I was already at mile 10 and nicely starting to coast downhill towards the finish line. It wasn’t until about mile 11-12 that my body began to get tired and I was mentally starting to lose it so I popped a GU, Peanut Butter/Chocolate the best one out there to help give me that extra boost of energy to finish the race.2015-03-23 18.34.43

Coming down to the end I kept telling myself to keep going, push even harder, and never give-up. These little reminders along with the great crowd support during the last half mile kept me pushing towards my fastest pace of the race. Once crossing the finish line I was drained by impressed with my time and even more excited that the race was over. Even though this wasn’t my fastest half marathon I did complete the race in 1:55 and would highly suggest this race to anyone who is either just getting into half marathons or looking for new race series, I would even run it again 🙂  I look forward to running more half marathons this year with iRun.Fit.

– Melissa Smith
iRun.Fit Teammate


Third Times A Charm!

Why I Run!

One week ago from today I completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC marathon here in Washington, DC and yes it was miserable. Between the cold and rainy weather along with the unexpected hills I would say this was one of my toughest marathons I’ve completed. With that said, this marathon was the race that brought me back to my roots, reminded me of why I run and train so hard for marathons.

2015-03-16 09.26.45If you aren’t aware, I run not for myself but for the millions of individuals who have or are battling blood cancer. For this I partner with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society each year to help raise awareness and funds for blood cancer research. This year and this race was even more important to me due to a dear friend’s 10th year anniversary of being a leukemia survivor! Not only is this a huge accomplishment for him but a celebration of life, a celebration that this individual beat cancer, it don’t beat him. As he would say, “I had Cancer, Cancer never had me!”

So to celebrate his 10 years of being a survivor I dedicated my Rock ‘n’ Roll DC marathon to 2015-03-14 08.56.43him, to his accomplishment of beating cancer! Running 26.2 miles in the cold and rain is nothing compared to what he’s battled, to the treatments he’s gone through, and the many restless nights he had while staying in the hospital. You see, running is what I do, it’s how I show my support to those who have battled something much bigger than me, it’s how I give back while doing something I love and this race was one of the proudest race I’ve accomplished. Yes it was miserable and tough, but even during the roughest parts I always reminded myself of why I was running, why I was running this race for my friend, and how important it is as a runner to find your why. It was this race that brought me back to my roots and for that I’m thankful.

RnRDCI look forward to running many more marathons and races for those who have or are currently battling blood cancer, those individuals are the ones that keep me running, keep me inspired!

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Why I Run!

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon Ambassador

NavyAirForceBadgeThis year I have the honor of being selected as an Ambassador for the 2015 Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington, DC. This year’s race will take place on Sunday, September 20th on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

As a runner that has ran this race in the past I would highly encourage anyone looking to run a fun and flat course to register for this year’s half marathon. Not only are you running in Washington, DC but also at one of the most noticeable locations, the National Mall. Running past many of the Nation’s Memorials including the Washington Monument, Martin Luther King Jr, World War I and II, and Abe Lincoln. This year’s race is once again open to the public to anyone over the age of 10 years old by race day and that can complete the course by 10:45AM when the roads will open back up. If you aren’t able to race this year but would like to get involved there are many volunteer opportunities including race day volunteers, expo & packet pick-up volunteers, and course volunteers.

For more information or to register visit, or contact me at for my Ambassador code to be entered into our drawing for free t-shirts, race entry’s and more! I look forward to seeing you on the course and running together.

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon Ambassador