Welcome to iRunFit!iRun.Fit Logo

iRunFit is dedicated to helping inspire, motivate, and train individuals to become the best version of themselves as possible; a version that is healthier, happier, and more driven than ever! Founder, Header-Runner, Travis Smith founded iRunFit to help encourage, motivate, and train individuals like yourself to achieve your total healthy objectives, fitness goals and athletic achievements by providing realistic, educational information through Personal Training and running programs. Whether through our Personal Training programs, individualized running programs, or local community runs we are dedicated to helping individuals meet and maintain their fitness goals.

Through our training programs clients interested in core, strength training, weight loss, and nutritional advice will work closely with a Certified Personal Trainer to achieve their fitness goals. Clients interested in running a half or full marathon will collaborate with a running coach to help expand their fitness level through custom-tailored workouts, eating plans, and individual running schedules.

Our Mission:
iRunFit is dedicated to helping educate, inspire, and motivate individuals on becoming the best version of themselves as possible: a happier, healthier and more active individual than ever!


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