Solidcore DC

As a Coach and Runner I’m always looking for the next best workout that engages not only strength training but core training. As a runner our core is one of the strongest assets that keep us running strong, helping hold our posture during long runs, and giving us the stability to keep going when our body wants to quit. Now lets all be honest, core training is not fun, it hurts, and the next couple of days are always the worst BUT I’ve found a studio that makes core training fun, energetic, and wanting athletes, runners, and everyday individuals coming back week after week for more training.

solidcore-Minneapolis-studioA couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to join a few friends for a Solidcore class in Washington, DC. Solidcore is a 50-minute full body workout that includes core training and strength training through slow and controlled movements. Each class can hold up to 13 individuals on their mega reformer beds that move back and forth with weighted springs making your full body exercise burn deeper than any other workout, so deep that your muscles work to failure. Each 50-minute class can host up to multiple different moves, poses, and workouts so no class is ever the same and no routine is ever followed.


In the past I’ve done a lot of exercises, strength training, and personal training to get where I am today in my running career but nothing, I mean nothing compares to Solidcore. As a very active athlete and runner in the DC area I thought my body was prepared and strong enough for my first Solidcore class however that was proven wrong during the first 15 minutes of class. Within the first 15 minutes of class we had held planks, did military crawls on a moving bed, and engaged our core so much that my body was already failing. Did I mention this was a 50-minute class? As we continued through the class we continued to engage our core through lunges, leg and glut workouts, and of course more planks and military crawls. As the class continued we started working on our upper body through slow and controlled push-ups, butterfly chest workouts with the attached bands, and moving planks.

Through the whole class my body was sweating like it’s never sweated before, dripping withsolidcore-noma-coming-soon.0 sweat as my muscles started to fail and my body wanting to quit. It was in these tough times that the instructor was able to motivate me to continue, to push through my limits and give everything I had to end the class on a strong note. Along with the amazing instructor and music, the individuals around me helped keep me accountable and making sure I didn’t give up and quit. Don’t get me wrong, the class was fun but it was also the most challenging workout I’ve ever experienced, even more challenging than my first marathon.

At the end I truly enjoyed the first class, so much that I’ve purchased more sessions and have continued to train with Solidcore once a week for my 2016 Boston Marathon training. Overall I would highly suggest individuals try a class, see what it’s like to push your body to the breaking point and watch it rebuild as you continue to grow and get stronger. I’ve learned through the classes that I’ve taken each week that you can push your body to do anything as long as your mind doesn’t get in the way. So start the New Year STRONG and try something outside of your comfort zone to see how far you can push your bodies limits. To learn more or to register for your first Solidcore class visit,

Solidcore DC

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