South Block Co. Review

2015-05-10 19.56.38Run, juice, repeat with South Block Co. juices and smoothies. This Arlington based juicery and cafe has been around Northern Virginia energizing, educating, and inspiring thousands through their cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and aci bowls on living a healthy and fit lifestyle through healthy drinking and eating. With over 15 different cold-pressed juices, this Clarendon based company offers a wide range of juices for anyone. Along with their famous juices, South Block Co offers a wide range of amazing smoothies and aci bowels to help fuel your body post run or workout. So amazing that they’ve won DC’s City Paper Best Smoothie cafe for the past 2 years.

As Summer approaches and my Chicago Marathon training session kicks into full swing I love finding myself planning my long runs from my DC apartment to South Block Co Clarendon store to reward myself one some of my favorite juices. These include: Activate, Cure, Renew, Hydrate (Seasonal Juice), Greens, Cold Brew Mylk, and many more. These refreshing juices along with my regular Herbalife24 routine help keep my body in tip-top shape for marathon session. Not only am I replenishing my body with the right nutrients from the cold-pressed juices but I’m also getting in the right nutrients from the right vegetables to help rebuild my muscles, increase my overall speed, and of course live a happier and healthier life. As mentioned in a previous post, since drinking cold-pressed juices on a weekly basis I’ve found myself living a happier and healthier lifestyle through monthly cleanses, not craving junk food, and increasing my nutrients and veggie intake. 2015-05-18 11.23.27

Outside of the great juices, smoothies, and aci bowls the next best thing I love about South Block Co is their community involvement. As an individual who loves working and volunteering with companies that give back to their community I have found that South Block Co continues to amaze me by giving back to the Northern Virginia community through partnering with local retail stores and fitness facilities. These partnerships show that South Block Co is devoted to expanding individuals fit and healthy lifestyle by introducing them to juices and smoothies that can help increase their overall exercise routine. Some of the partnerships include Clarendon’s LuLuLemon weekly fun runs, Revolve cycle rides, and Downward Dog Yoga events which I would encourage you to look into and join.

Run, juice, repeat with South Block Co. That’s what I do and you should join me. If you are ever in the DC area and are interested in getting in a long run followed by some great juices contact me so we can run to South Block Co in Clarendon, VA. For more information please visit, or follow them on Twitter @SouthBlockCo.

South Block Co. Review

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