Why I Run!

One week ago from today I completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC marathon here in Washington, DC and yes it was miserable. Between the cold and rainy weather along with the unexpected hills I would say this was one of my toughest marathons I’ve completed. With that said, this marathon was the race that brought me back to my roots, reminded me of why I run and train so hard for marathons.

2015-03-16 09.26.45If you aren’t aware, I run not for myself but for the millions of individuals who have or are battling blood cancer. For this I partner with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society each year to help raise awareness and funds for blood cancer research. This year and this race was even more important to me due to a dear friend’s 10th year anniversary of being a leukemia survivor! Not only is this a huge accomplishment for him but a celebration of life, a celebration that this individual beat cancer, it don’t beat him. As he would say, “I had Cancer, Cancer never had me!”

So to celebrate his 10 years of being a survivor I dedicated my Rock ‘n’ Roll DC marathon to 2015-03-14 08.56.43him, to his accomplishment of beating cancer! Running 26.2 miles in the cold and rain is nothing compared to what he’s battled, to the treatments he’s gone through, and the many restless nights he had while staying in the hospital. You see, running is what I do, it’s how I show my support to those who have battled something much bigger than me, it’s how I give back while doing something I love and this race was one of the proudest race I’ve accomplished. Yes it was miserable and tough, but even during the roughest parts I always reminded myself of why I was running, why I was running this race for my friend, and how important it is as a runner to find your why. It was this race that brought me back to my roots and for that I’m thankful.

RnRDCI look forward to running many more marathons and races for those who have or are currently battling blood cancer, those individuals are the ones that keep me running, keep me inspired!

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Why I Run!

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