Strava Tracking!

Strava-LogoJoin the community, the Strava community! Strava is a free community based app and website that allows athletes from all over the world to come together as one by connecting cyclists and runners through their online website and app. Athletes are able to create a profile online and then download the app to their Smart Phone to help track their rides and runs through built-in GPS tracking. Once athletes have created a profile they are able to follow individuals from all over the world, track and analyze their rides and runs, publish recent activities to their online Social Media outlets, and challenge other athletes to monthly challenges.

Along with using Strava’s built-in GPS tracking system, athletes are also able to connect their tracking devices including, Garmin, Suunto, Timex, TomTom, and Soleus to name a few. Athletes can connect these devices to the Strava interface to help sync everything together and continue to monitor their progress. While being able to track rides and runs athletes are also able to create or find local runs in the community that other athletes have created or published. This is a great way to help explore the city or town, find new and different trials, meet new athletes in the community, and create community runs through their online route planning tool.


Recently I made the change from MapMyRun to Strava due to recent issues and have fallen in love with the sleek, modern Strava app and website design. Unlike other online tracking interfaces Strava has mastered the sleek, slimline, no clutter interface that allows athletes to login and track their rides and runs seamlessly without cluttered tool bars, multiple advertisements, and other bulky buttons. Some of the amazing features I love are the route tracking tool, route planning tool, and being able to connect outside devices such as my Garmin and Suunto watches.

Since I do manage multiple community fun runs this app and website makes it easy for me to create and export upcoming runs to my community members while publishing them online via my Social Media outlets. It also makes it super easy for other runners to download my route to their Smart Phone app to guide them along our community runs and track their own progress.

For me the best feature I believe is the ability to connect outside devices to the app and website, it’s truly amazing! As an elite runner I track all my races and runs on either my Garmin 620 or Suunto Ambit Sport 3 watch everyday and then sync each run to their individual apps, but now have the ability to sync everything to one device to monitor my runs and progress. This makes tracking my runs that much smoother while being able to analyze each run to see my strong points, weak points and where I over ran during races and runs.

For those couple of features I would highly encourage runners to make the change from other tracking devices to Strava. It’s super easy, seamless and functional that any runner, new or old could benefit from the different features and technology. If anything you can download the free app to see who is in your community, look for new and different runs, and help challenge yourself by analyzing previous runs to see how you are doing overtime.

Make sure to follow me, Travis Smith on Strava to see where I run, run with me, or to just have a fun running buddy online!

Strava Tracking!

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