First Run: Under Armour SpeedFoam Gemini

Like many companies, Under Armour has recently started to make the shift into the running community by designing new and improved running shoes. Their latest design, SpeedFoam Gemini, hit the market earlier this year with more cushion and response from their earlier brand, SpeedFoam Apollo. Like the SpeedFoam Apollo, Gemini has a foot-wrapping, open mesh body with a sewn-in foot bed that creates a seamless insole and snug connectivity. With the new adaptive cushioning technology, the Gemini has a soft large cushion heel with a slight downward drop as you move towards the toe.UA Shoes


Recently I had the opportunity to run in the new Under Armour SpeedFoam Gemini. Like many of the reviews, the shoe was very cushioned with a upper body foot-wrapping technology that snugged my foot to help with foot movement, but at times felt very tight. Due to the heel cup and additional cushioning in the heel I felt that the shoe was a little heel heavy and made my stride not as seamless as many other running shoes. I did very much appreciate the seamless sewn-in foot bed and sole due to no rubbing against my ankle or inside sole. I also appreciated the fact that you could almost wear the shoe without socks if running a quick run or walking around the City. I have not ran any super long distances in the shoe however, Under Armour does claim the new Gemini shoe is great for longer runs due to the new adaptive cushioning technology.

As an elite runner who has ran in multiple running shoes recently including the new Adidas Boost, Brooks T7 Racers and PureCadence’s I feel that the Under Armour shoe is still very heel heavy along with additional cushioning that could be eliminated. Also, due to the new adaptive cushioning, the slight drop towards the toe makes my running less heel striking and more mid-foot, which makes it seem as though I’m running downhill even on a flat surface. I think the shoe is a great starting point for the company and can see the progress they are making in their running designs, but believe with a lighter shoe with less heel support and more neutral support I would appreciate the Gemini better. Overall I would encourage individuals to try the new SpeedFoam Gemini running shoe, but also keep in mind that due to the seamless sewn-in sole it’s much harder to insert your own sole designed for your foot.

First Run: Under Armour SpeedFoam Gemini

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