JRINK Juicery

Whether you are looking to get healthier this year or looking to detox, JRINK Juicery has you covered. These DC cold-pressed juices are made up of 5 pounds of fresh fruits & veggies that yield the highest quality and quantity of essential nutrients to help fuel the body. Conveniently located in DuPont Circle and Logan Circle these juices can be purchased as individuals or in 6PK’s with a wide range of juices. One of the main differences between JRINK and other juicery’s is their cold-pressed method. Cold-pressed juices are not pasteurized, no added sugar, and are not heated during the juicing process, all of which help lock in the best flavors and nutrients.

2014-08-23 12.03.34As an elite runner I really enjoy these great juices after morning runs to help boost my workout and jump-start my day. With over 15 different juices there is always something for everyone, including some of my favorites; Wake Me Up, Buzz Me Up, Clean Me Up I & II, Sweeten Me Up, Build Me Up, and Freshen Me Up. With each juice different they provide great nutrients to help with digestive support, calcium, heart health, muscle repair, and many more nutrients to rebuild your body.

Since starting JRINK juices I’ve notice a difference in the way my body responds to the different nutrients, how my muscles are rebuilding faster, and how my speed has increased overall during my runs. I would highly encourage anyone who is looking to drink more juices to look into JRINK Juicery or stop by one of their stores in DC, I mean you may even run into me there 🙂

Juices, juices and more juices, that’s what JRINK Juicery is all about, learn how you can start thanking your body with great juices at www.jrinkjuicery.com or contact me!

JRINK Juicery

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