Make This Year The Year!

Happy New Year!

Each year millions of Americans start the New Year by setting New Year resolutions. Starting fresh, dreaming big, setting goals, and continuing to improve themselves from previous years. Most, unfortunately, will either give up or fail to meet their goals, however research has shown that those who do set New Year resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals. So as we begin another year and you reflect on the previous years accomplishments use these helpful tips I always share with individuals to help accomplish your New Year resolutions.

Set A Goal:

Setting a goal is the initial foundation of success. A goal can be anything you want; starting to run, running your first 5K, training for a half or full marathon, or just getting active. The goal should be both inspirational and outside your comfort zone. Inspiration should help get you started while fear keeping you motivated throughout the year. As for timing, I would suggest setting your goal several months away, long enough so that you can still make a difference, but close enough to make it urgent.

Be Realistic:

When setting your new goal be realistic, think outside the box but keeping it something you know you can achieve. If you are just starting to run remember to start slow with rest days included. If you are aiming for a half or full marathon remember to train smart, don’t over train, don’t continue to train while injured, and listen to your body. Take time to build your fitness and you’ll find the most success.

Get Social:

Share your accomplishments with your family, friends, and coworkers as well as train with individuals who are aiming for the same goal. Camaraderie among participants helps individuals inspire each other to work harder than they might on their own. Join your community running group or gym class to keep you accountable for your goals as well as using new fitness apps that help share your accomplishments via Social Media.


Smile, I can’t stress this enough. If exercise is fun then you’ll be more willing to get started and stay on track. Research has shown that the more fun an activity, the more likely individuals are to participate and keep going. So remember, smile while you’re running or training.

Commit and You Won’t Quit:

If you want to make exercise work, commit to a schedule. Add your workouts/runs to your daily calendar to keep you accountable and motivated to continue with your goal. If you suck at scheduling, hire a trainer to meet once a week, join a community run club, or join a local gym’s fitness class that meets once a week. Finding a way to stay committed will help you along your journey as well as helping you meet your goal. Joining a gym is easy, staying committed isn’t find your committed and start the New Year off strong!

As we head into another year my hope is to get more individuals up and active. To introduce them to things they’ve never tried or are too scared to start. My hope for 2015, is to help individuals achieve something they never thought they could. I look forward to seeing you on the trials!


Make This Year The Year!

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