Transforming for the Future

From the beginning, I’ve had a vision to help motivate both communities and individuals to lead health-conscious lifestyles through diet and exercise. Now, more than ever, I want to take that vision further and offer hands on services through personal training, running programs, and educational information. It’s through these services that I will be able to directly assist individuals to become the best possible version of themselves.

iRun.Fit LogoMonday, July 1st was the beginning of the next step for iRun.Fit. The company has revealed its new logo and vision; it has transformed from an online daily advice column to a brand that offers personal training, running programs, and educational information to clients. Clients interested in core, strength training, weight loss, and nutritional advice will work closely with a Certified Personal Trainer to achieve their fitness goals. Clients interested in training and running a half or full marathon will collaborate with a Running Coach to help expand their fitness levels through custom-designed training workouts, eating plans, and individualized running schedules. It’s through this vision that I am able to personally continue to make progress with respect to my own eating/weight struggles, while motivating individuals who are progressing through similar situations or starting their fitness journey.

As my vision continues to become a reality and I continue to pursue a career in personal training, I’m super excited to announce the future release of the iRun.Fit website. The website will host personal training, adventure runs, running programs, and motivational information for current and future clients. It will also feature a page dedicated to posting information or announcements related to the overall expansion of iRun.Fit and its community outreach. Our current Blog, which you are mostly likely reading now, will be integrated into the website; new and returning supporters and readers can continue to follow my personal progress and other fit and healthy posts that I will continue to post. Below you will find a sneak peek of the future iRun.Fit website that will be launched in early August.

iRun.Fit Homepage

To learn more about the new website, or if you are interested in information about personal training, upcoming adventure runs, and running programs feel free to reach out to me at anytime. I love listening to your feedback and hearing your own personal fitness goals. iRun.Fit is a service for everyone so continue to follow us on Twitter @iRunFit and like us on Facebook @iRunFit. Remember: we are all making progress. Striving for progress not perfection!

Transforming for the Future

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